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European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE)


The seminar will be based on oral presentations in plenary sessions by invited speakers and in parallel workgroups. Expected topics to be covered by the papers include the following items.

They can be proposed as special sessions:

  • The influence of foodscapes on consumption patterns and food security and nutrition.
  • The impact of environmental and social responsibility strategies on sustainable development in food systems.
  • Logistics in global food value chains and sustainability.
  • The relation between food chain structure and sustainability: short versus long food chains, new roles for food chain intermediaries, impacts of the circular economy.
  • Large multinational agribusiness firms and global food value chains.
  • The evolution of private and public institutions and their governance of food safety and sustainability.
  • The social, economic and health impacts of agri-business on food chains in developing economies.
  • The social and economic impacts of ICTs on food chains.
  • The contribution of the analysis of food systems as commons.
  • The evaluation of current governance and performance indicators for food security and sustainability.